Pocket Troops Mod Apk 1.40.1: Strategy RPG (Unlimited Money, Unlocked) 2023

Pocket Troops Mod Apk is a free-to-play game that’s available in the iTunes and Google Play stores. In this game, you will play as a ninja and need to tap to jump to avoid obstacles, collect coins and gems, and get high enough to clear the next level. It’s about getting to know your people. When you’re the chief commander of your own army and troops, you need to get to know them. Then, when you make strategic moves, you can do it because you know each other well. You don’t have to go in the answers yourself, but you do need to look for them. Then, train your heroes to act when things get tough.

Pocket Troops Mod Apk

Evil, who are trying to invade your arena. Now, you need to recruit mighty warriors and teams of heroes from six different classes in your team and train them in various categories and modes to become powerful, so your squad can deal with the opponents in every way. There are many ways to speed up the game and improve your team’s strategy, including shortcuts and methods for power-ups and boosting the characters’ strength, skills, and combos.

Download Pocket Troops Mod Apk Strategy RPG

You can make your ninja jump, slide, run, and attack enemies by tapping on the screen. Pocket Troop is a game that lets you earn money while playing. You do whatever you want while you play, so there are plenty of ways to make some money. Each successful level gives you a certain amount of coins. If you’re not having any trouble, you may as well continue to play without worrying about coins.

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When you reach a new rank, you’ll unlock exciting new upgrades for your ninja. Ninja pets are an exciting addition to the game. You can buy weapons to increase your attacking power, and pets to protect you from the monsters and evil spirits that you’ll face in the dark forest.

Deadly Warriors

The game is more than a great experience, it really makes you addicted to its gameplay. There are a number of options for your troops, as well as a number of troop types. The troop list includes evil teams, evil squads, elite squads, elite teams, and deadly forces. These warriors in your team help you get through situations no matter how challenging they are.

Download Pocket Troops Mod Apk Strategy RPG 

They help your team feel secure no matter what’s happening in the game. Train these warriors with skills and a variety of equipment and weapons to make them capable of fighting more profoundly against the enemies. Compete with players from all over the world and win the deadly war.

50 Skills – Power Up

Your task as an army commander is to control your own soldiers and the troops of the enemy in the battle. There are around 50 skills that players can learn, and they can learn them from their heroes. Create your teams and become powerful by recruiting your team and making them strong. It’s time to upgrade and power up the strength. The best weapons in history are AK-47, shotgun, machine gun, ammunition, grenades, bullets, etc. This gun is powerful because it shoots many bullets at a time, so you can use it to fight many enemies at once.

PVP Challenges – 12 Special Quests

pocket troops mod apk provides the most powerful warriors and deadly fighters in your team while training them to deal with the situation that arises. There are 12 special quests and challenges offered for users to select and complete asap. This isn’t a joke. The enemy’s special operations forces have employed highly skilled, hand-to-hand combat tactics, tactics.

It’s a PvP game where you play against people from all over the world, so it’s a very good idea to have a stable connection. Fight with your enemies and friends, invite your friends and other strangers to fight with different weapons and tools, then challenge your friends to duel with you. The gameplay is a combination of tactics and elements to overcome challenges.

Overview Pocket Troops MOD APK

Pocket Troops MOD APK: a Real-time game that you can play for free and does not require root to do so. This mobile game Pocket Troops MOD APK is available to download on android devices with various versions of the google play store such as 4.1 and up.

Download Pocket Troops Mod Apk

Including the latest version of it, the size is dependent on your device’s screen resolution and quality setting, as well as your internet connection speed. In case you wish to download the texture files instead of moving them directly onto your device via WiFi transfer or another way (which takes more time). Downloading Pocket Troops MOD APK may take longer than usual due to your connection speed or their modification progress.


Mini special soldiers are ready for your instructions Commander. Pocket Troops is a cartoon battlefield military shooter where you have to lead a gangstar mini army of brave and purposeful commanders and combat against military strong bosses.

Looking for a team of frontline mini warriors you can put in your pocket? Build a minion team of experienced fighters. Recruit and train a ragtag band of soldiers and take them into battle. Take on other players and show them who’s the action boss.

Military Features:

Light-hearted gameplay with strategic and tactical battles and indirect troop control.
Pocket Troops is an armor game genre strategy shooter.

Tiny, angry army dudes with a huge collection of crazy weapons and gear.

Crush your opponents, and think up new tactics for gun game combats. Never think that a mission is impossible!

A crazy backstory with an evil army bad guy who plots to take over the world so he can make everyone wear black. It’s army times!

Military base, shelter upgrades, and cool interactive facilities: cash device, fish tank, “soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur” and other truly military toys. But in truth, it’s a huge variation of weapons to crush an enemy: cannon, shotgun, sniper rifles, machine gun, artillery, and so on. All your weapons will be stored in the shelter!

Handcrafted music and cartoonish graphics inspired and approved by a guinea pig named Boris.
You know what?! Our special action soldiers simply consist of good jokes and always will find something to laugh at and make you laugh!

There are several mercenaries in the game, and each of them has its own qualities and skills:


Quick, lightweight, well armored, and combat soldier. Equipped with mid-range automatic rifles. A perfect unit to take the initiative in battle.


A long-range weaponry pro with the highest accuracy and highest change of critical damage. But has a weak defense.


Long-range weapons with splash damage cover multiple targets in this strategy shooter.


Commander is a fan of long-range heavy machine guns. Deals lots of damage, but has low accuracy. High health points and regeneration make him a true tough opponent. A true army man!


A shotgun maniac for close-range battles. High accuracy with splash damage covering multiple targets. Uses nades against enemies with long-range weapons.


A master of close combat, lightweight and well-armored. Hard to train, but totally worth it. His teleportation tricks can give his opponent a serious headache. A true assassin.

A lot of missions and bosses with an interesting plot and beautiful cartoonish graphics will not make you get bored. Fight with other players and compete with them on the global challenge map.

The action of the game originates from soldier games and army game shooters. Beat the boss, and win opponents in this military army game, a cartoonish strategy shooter.

DEAR USERS! Our game is still in development and we do our best to improve the game.
We are trying to make a perfect army product and would be very grateful for any feedback and wishes for improving the game.

How To Download And Install APK Pocket Troops MOD APK?

A.) Easy Steps to Download Pocket Troops MOD APK :

Step 1: Click on the download button on our website.

Step 2: The file will be downloaded automatically. (Depending on your internet speed or app size)

Step 3: Once the download is complete, it appears automatically in the Downloads folder.

Step 4: Now to use the downloaded file, open the download folder and install it.

B.) Easy Steps to install Pocket Troops MOD APK :

Step 1: Now that the APK file for your favorite app has been downloaded, it needs to be installed.

Step 2: Now you have to go to the download section; Click on the new APK file above.

Step 3: The name of the application will then appear on your screen, along with the option to Install and Cancel. Press Install to proceed.

Step4: Go to your settings for Unknown Sources and click on Allow once.

Step 5: After this, your successful installation will be done, you click on open.

Step 6: you will actually want to grant permissions to media, photos, and files. Tap Allow.

Step 7: The APK screen appears. Click Install.


  • Any version of APK Pocket Troops can be downloaded directly from a third-party source. You have access to the game collection for most versions and can move them as needed.
  • Unlike the Play Store, downloads are instant, you don’t have to wait for the approval process, etc.
  • Once downloaded, there will be a Smash Vertical Theater application file on your memory card/system storage. As a result, you will continue to uninstall and install them without downloading.


  • It seems that apps downloaded by third parties are not constantly checked by Google. Therefore, it is harmful to your phone.
  • APK files may contain viruses that steal or damage data from your phone.
  • Your apps don’t always have access to the Google Play Store, so they don’t update automatically.


Can You Play Pocket Troops Mod Apk On PC?

Pocket Troops MOD APK For PC: If you want to install APK files on your Windows, there are a number of ways to get the job done. One way is by using the BlueStack app which you can use to install APKs just like an Android app. There are some drawbacks, but it is quite useful.

You could also turn to ARCWelder for Chrome as another alternative, which enables you to play Android apps from your PC’s browser as long as they’re compatible with this method of Android emulation; alternatively, there’s also Andy APK which is available in the Microsoft Store itself and can make installing APK files easy and straightforward!

Pocket Troops MOD APK Safe to Download On Apkprox.com?

When users download the app file from ApkProx, we will run it through Google Play to verify that it’s safe. If a user wishes to download the application, in compliance with normal industry practice, we will display this information on the relevant pages of our website to ensure you have the relevant facts before making your decision.

How Do I Install Pocket Troops MOD APK Android Games?

App Permissions. The Android app not installed error can be combated after resetting app permissions. Go to Settings > Apps > Reset App Preferences/Reset Application Permissions. After this, Pocket Troops MOD APK can be installed on your device

Is It Safe To Use Apk?

APK files are in an authorized app format – until they’re downloaded and used by people. If you have some free space on your phone but aren’t crazy about apps, then APKs can offer a good solution. Also, there are many apps not available in the Google Play Store that may not be permitted in some regions, so APKs solve this problem.


This is a new game with some new features. It’s called ‘Pocket Troops MOD’, and it lets you build your army and engage. You can create your own team of soldiers and engage in battles with other players. A fun-filled fighting game that you play with friends. You can customize your character, use your favorite weapons, and create your own avatar to fight against other users.

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