Ark of War Mod APK – Dreadnought (Unlimited Money, Gold, Unlimited Booster)

Ark of War Mod APK: This game is about future times when the population of Planet Earth reached maximum levels. And many people have left Earth to go into space but would find themselves ready to settle on a new planet. After a certain amount of time, people are very settled in their galaxy with territories enough for creativity, and the land is beginning to become home to living things that even walk there that do not like this situation and declared war on the human race.

Ark of War Mod APK

In the system of cosmic change between different forces. On Planet Tekkman animals from outer space were working as space ships and making turrets against Imperial Federation Government, fighting for the liberation of territory and revamping demand.

Download Ark of War Mod APK

Ark of War Mod Apk Unlimited Money and diamond is a highly entertaining and very entertaining game for all kinds of people who love to play an amazing game about space. You will not regret your decision if you want to play this game. One can say that the graphics used in this game are from a Hollywood movie when we speak about the space where they look very realistic and the high-quality graphics used here make it a better experience playing it. This game is totally worth downloading because it will entertain you for hours, and days.

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  • Enter your country’s guild and vie with players from all over the globe to become the ruler of the universe!
  • When you download the game now, you’ll be one of the first to receive $10 in new player boosters while supplies last!

I built, I sailed, I conquered! Join the battle NOW!

With the expansion of the population, Earth is becoming increasingly crowded. The whole galaxy has turned into a new battlefield between human beings and extraterrestrial civilizations. Though governed by the Imperial Federation Government.

The galaxy is still in the upheaval between various powers. On Planet Tekkman, you and alien creatures will operate your own space arks and create formidable fleets to confront the Imperial Federation Government, fighting for living space and rebuilding the order.

Mighty Space Arks

  • Construct your fortress on huge space arks.
  • Operate the space ark on the battlefield in any way you deem.
  • Battle like a carrier, attack your enemies while moving your ark.

Ultimate Galactic Military Power

  • Upgrade your ark to elevate its power and change its appearance.
  • Collect, equip and evolve terrific human and alien commanders.
  • Establish your armed forces consisting of space infantries, mechs, and spacecraft.

MMO Strategic Gameplay

  1. Launch large-scale and real-time wars of alliance between hundreds of arks.
  2. Grab territories for your alliance with players from all around the world and chat through real-time translation.
  3. Dominate and govern a planet and rule over it. Use diplomacy to establish the order of your world.
  4. Trade your equipment and resources with other players and become a space merchant.


One of the most practical and accessory things to do today is download Ark of War. You can get unlimited money, gems, and gold just by downloading and installing this great game onto your mobile device in a matter of seconds. Besides being free to use, the reactions are fast and you have the possibility to win thousands of prizes in absolutely no time! You can also challenge your friends via social networks like Instagram, Facebook, etc. And don’t worry about quality because all graphics have been up-to-date. So why wait? If you like shooter games then make sure you take on this exciting new take on the genre!

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